Minister to Students Search Committee:
Moderator Howard Byers has named the following persons as members of the Search Committee Tammy Craig, Curt Hall, Matthew Lewis, Howard Roberts, and Mary Ann Seeman. Please pray for them as they organize and begin their work.
Minister of Music Search Committee:
Our Minister of Music Search Committee is still accepting resumes. Please continue to keep the committee in your prayers.
LOVING HEARTS (crafters):
Come join us for crafts on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6PM in the fellowship hall. Everyone is welcome.  If you do not do crafts, come for the fellowship. If you have a craft you are working on, bring it, or we will have a craft for you to do. Each quarter we will do a community service project.
Fall Revival:
Please begin to pray for our Fall Revival (November 4-7) Rev. Don Mathis will be our evangelist